What is Banded Gastric Plication?

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What is Banded Gastric Plication?

The banded gastric plication is a recently introduced investigational procedure
that combines the safety and benefit of the gastric plication with that of the
laparoscopic adjustable gastric band.

Many bariatric surgeons are calling this procedure the most significant advancement in obesity treatment since the introduction of the gastric band. Banded gastric plication offers many significant benefits, including:

–  Significant short-term and long-term weight loss
–  Fewer follow-up visits and gastric band adjustments needed
–  Minimally invasive procedure
–  Completely reversible
–  No changes made to the small intestine that may cause complications

For many patients, the Banded Gastric Plication provides the best weight loss results with the least risk of complications during and after surgery.

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