Try Zumba After Weight Loss Surgery

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Try Zumba After Weight Loss Surgery

Are you looking for a fun exercise after JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery? Learn more about Zumba and how it can help you get in shape and lose weight while actually enjoying exercise.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a type of exercise that focuses on dance moves as physical activity. It’s especially known for the Latin music influences that are often the soundtrack for Zumba workouts. Zumba routines combine dance moves with some toning exercises, including lunges and bicep curls. This is primarily an aerobic workout.

How effective is Zumba?

Most Zumba workouts last about an hour and can be taken in person at a fitness center or at home using DVDs. The classes utilize the interval training strategy, which alternates between high and low intensity exercises. Interval training has been shown to increase the amount of fat and calories that can be burned during a workout. The exact number of calories you burn during a Zumba exercise after weight loss surgery will depend on your current weight and body composition. It’s estimated that one Zumba workout can burn between 300 and 1000 calories.

After weight loss surgery, you should strive to exercise for an average of 30 minutes per day. Taking a Zumba class can be a fun way to meet part of your physical activity requirements.

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