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Tracey: LAP-BAND Success

Tracey before and after lapband
Hello my name is Tracey and I first went to Dr. Cywes in 2005 and asked for help. I was tired of being overweight and not doing things with my kids like a mother should. I first explored having the gastric bypass surgery done and I didn’t like the information that was given to me. Then I went to Dr. Cywes and said I was interested in the Lap-Band and asked if I could have it done.

Thank the lord I had no health problems at all. I was all around a healthy person. But my BIGGEST problem was being overweight. I wanted to do something about my weight. I was ready to be able to do things with my kids. I wanted to go outside and run and play with them. I didn’t want to sit on the couch and watch them from my window and tell myself “Tracey, what are you doing?” I was ready to change my life and to be here to see my kids grow, have fun with them and to be the mom that they want me to be.

On the day of my surgery, August 11, 2005, I weighed in at 419. And oh my gosh I was scared but ready for a whole new life change. I did exactly what Dr. Cywes told me to do and I was really surprised how the weight started to come off! After a while I went back and cried to him telling him thank you very much for what you have done to help me. Dr. Cywes said “All I did was give you the tool, you did it all on your own.”

I am so happy I lost my weight I am now down to 225 lbs. and have maintained my weight. My kids tell me “Mommy you’re so beautiful now. Please don’t get big again. We like you now because you play with us and do more things instead of sitting on the couch watching from the window in the living room.” That touched my heart so much, that I just cried. I would tell everyone about the Lap-Band and have sent several people to Dr. Cywes. And they have had great success just like me. Dr. Cywes and the office staff is full of wonderful people who are always there for you when you need them.


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