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Tom: LAP-BAND Success

Tom: LAP-BAND Success

Life just keeps getting better

My story is very long but I’ll keep it as short as I can. I had been morbidly obese since 1999 and overweight since 1968. I had lost 100 lbs twice, 75 lbs and 50 lbs only to gain it back plus some so I know how to diet.

I went to see Dr. Cywes in June of 2009 weighing 355 lbs to discuss the lap band procedure and if I could benefit from it. After spending 15 minutes with him he explained the procedure but more importantly we talked about life style change and living, I knew I could be successful, Just not how much and for how long.

As with all professional dieters I started with a bang, but after following the guidelines set by Dr. Cywes and his staff at the Jacksonville JSAPA Weight Loss SurgeryCenter I knew something was completely different because after about two weeks my desire for carbohydrate had reduced dramatically, which meant that I didn’t have to rely on will power as the sole source of dieting, as time went on the cravings would still come but only last a few seconds and the weight just kept coming down. I started walking short distances and by September I had lost 78 lbs before I had the band procedure on September 10, 2009. After the procedure I was up and walking the next day and felt pretty good. I continued to manage my carbohydrates and slowly increase my exercise and the weight kept melting away. By the end of the year I had lost 129 lbs and my food cravings were few and far between. I felt so good that I set new goals for weight loss and exercise. I added weight training 3 days a week and cardio 3 days a week. The weight continued to fall and at present I have lost 195 lbs and have maintained it for the past 6 months. I’m doing things I thought I was not capable of and feel better at 48 than I did when I was 25. My entire attitude and outlook on life has changed and it all started with Dr. Cywes and his staff. I now eat to live not live to eat and I’m living life not just alive.

I’m a better father and husband to my 2 wonderful children and my beautiful wife and a happier and better person all the way around and it just keeps getting better.

Thank you for helping me live life.



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