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Eating for Weight Loss- Tips for Success

Bariatric surgery, such as the Lap-Band procedure is a great first step in helping you to achieve your long term weight loss goal. While weight loss surgery is going to help you throughout the process by making it easier to eat less by preventing hunger and keeping you full for longer between meals, you need[...]
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Linda: LAP-BAND Success

I was at another weight loss center purchasing some protein drinks and I was so discouraged because I had never been as big as I had gotten. I had developed a thyroid disease called Hoshimotis I went from 146 to 240 in a matter of months. My weight had finally settled at a whopping 242[...]
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Stress And Weight Loss

Bariatric surgery is becoming an option for many people. As new technologies are discovered and weight loss surgery is improved, the qualifications for people who need to lose weight are reduced. For people who decide on bariatric surgery as an option to gain control of obesity it is important to recognize the triggers that cause[...]
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Luz: Weight Loss Success

My name is Luz and I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have not known any other way of living but being fat, so I am no stranger to the teasing in childhood, and to the shame and physical struggles as an adult. I have lost weight in the past, and as[...]
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Could you be Addicted to Food?

According to an article published in Science Daily, people who have an addictive-eating behavior display greater neural electrical activity in certain sections of the brain. This April 2011 article suggests that this brain activity is similar to substance dependence.
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How to Sabotage Your Diet

Committing to a lifestyle change like improving your daily diet can be tough. Hidden dangers to your efforts to lose weight lurk everywhere. However, being aware of the potential pitfalls can go a long way toward avoiding them. Among the top ways dieters fail:
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