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Sharon: LAP-BAND Success

Sharon before and after LAP BAND surgery
My name is Sharon and I am a 33 year old. Before I started this journey I had allowed myself to get up to 374 pounds wearing a size 32/34, my BMI was 60.4. (Super Morbidly Obese). I was miserable, out of shape and fearing for my health/Life. Talk about topping the scale, most scales only weigh up to 330 lbs. When you step on and it reads error (it’s not a good feeling).

I was banded Sept 17th 2007. I have currently lost 200 pounds (now 174). I’m now size 8-10 (BMI 28.1).

I have overcome Diabetes. I was stone cold scared to hear those words (Diabetes)from my Dr… I started the most important part of my journey to a healthier me. As most of you, I also have tried every fad diet out there, with very little long-term results. I did alot of research on surgical weight-loss options I did not get this big overnight and will not loss it overnight either.

I’m the most important person in my life, I need to take care of me. I spent my life taking care of others and ignoring me. No longer will I come second. If I’m not healthy how can I truly help someone else? I dance(country line-dancing) alot, sometimes as much as 4 nights a week.

When I started dancing, I danced a few songs and was done for the night. While losing the weight my energy levels went through the roof. I’m up to 30+unlimited dances in a row now. I can out dance many of the young in-shape kids. I also work out and bowl on a league.

I thought that I was living before. The only one I was lying to was me.

I was limited in all aspects. I am now truly living with no limitations


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