Popular Biking Trails In Jacksonville, FL

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Popular Biking Trails In Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville and the north Florida area have a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities. Biking is one great way to build muscle and strength while doing something enjoyable, and this region makes it easy to do. Rather than thinking about cycling as a “workout,” why not think of it as a “get-out”? Taking a time-out from your day-to-day responsibilities to go outside and exercise in the fresh air can be a lot of fun once you get a routine going for yourself. If you haven’t been on your bike in a while, you may want to get it tuned up before you head out for the first time–just to be on the safe side. Any bike shop can check tire pressure, brakes and other essentials so that you know everything is working properly.

North Florida has many beautiful, scenic areas to choose from for rides. Check out the Hanna Park bike trails in Jacksonville where there are about 15 miles of paths to choose from. Start with beginner rides until you feel confident, and make sure you are keeping an eye on the terrain as you go. If you begin to get tired, just pull over to the side and take in the scenery for a few minutes as a break. Those who live in this region can also take advantage of the bicycle safety courses that are offered periodically through the North Florida Bicycle Club. You can find more information about bike safety and beginner rides on their Website.

If you like the idea of biking in a pretty area, Jacksonville has a great spot to offer–the Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail. Located about five miles outside the downtown area, this is a super place to get outdoors for a little bit of exercise. There is plenty of wildlife in this region, and you may see wild turkey, songbirds, hawks and white-tailed deer along the way. Taken at a leisurely pace, this can really be an enjoyable trip on two wheels.

Florida tends to be hot, but the canopy of trees here offers protection from the rays of the sun, giving the trail a cooler appeal than many others. The surface of the road is paved, which means you don’t have to navigate rough terrain that can spoil the ride. Explore the area beginning at one of three different starting points; The Imeson Road Trailhead, the Brandy Branch Trailhead or the Baldwin Trailhead and Park. Bike for a while, then get off and walk a bit to give yourself some time to enjoy the surroundings. This is a perfect place to go on those hot summer days when being outside in Florida is a tough proposition. Enjoy the shade and the beauty of nature while getting a little exercise outside.

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