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Malissa: LAP-BAND Success

Patient Success Story: Malissa

Single, sick and sorry was my motto in 2001. I realized that I had to do something about it.

In January 2001 my husband left, in April 2001 I had a heart attack and in December 2001 my niece Cassie said she wants to be just like me when she grows up — I finally saw what I looked like in the mirror. I wasn’t overweight as a child. I am a Desert Storm Veteran and with the struggles in 2001 I just ate my way into 502 lbs. I finally started doing something about it. At 502 lbs it was apparent some changes needed to occur. I was going to die at an early age and alone if I didn’t do something soon. I started walking from the front door to the mailbox, the mailbox to the end of the street and the end of the street to the next block and I just kept moving. I changed my way of eating, my outlook on life and started to focus on something greater than me.

My primary care doctor had heard from his nurse Arnette about a procedure for losing weight. I met with Dr. Cywes and on 06/10/2004 I received a gastric band. Dr. Cywes didn’t accept any of my excuses for gaining weight. He offered me a “tool” to get the weight off. It’s the tool that I have used over the last 7 years. As for being his first patient for the LAP-BAND, I had no fears. I figured; if he could perform a minimal invasive surgery on an infant then he had plenty of room to move around inside of me. I chose the LAP-BAND over any other procedure because it didn’t cut my stomach or reroute my intestines. I have lost 370 lbs and now I am someone my niece can be proud of. I am able to do a lot more than I ever imagined. Walking was my greatest feat and the best part was the day when I could cross my legs like a lady. I would have never expected to be able to lose this much weight, and thanks to God and Dr. Cywes I will continue to keep my weight off! I know that I will be able to lead a happier and healthier, not to mention longer, life.

What is your defining moment to make you realize who you are and that you need to make a change? Don’t let it be as serious as mine was before you realize that the weight needs to come off.


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