Losing Weight Can Fight Gum Disease

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Losing Weight Can Fight Gum Disease

Being overweight or obese can cause a wide variety of health conditions, many of which one may not automatically connect to their excess weight. However, undergoing bariatric surgery such as the Lap Band procedure in Jacksonville can help relieve many of these health burdens, including gum disease. According to a recent study, individuals that underwent bariatric surgery benefited from improved gum health, in addition to relief from other, more common obesity-related diseases.

A recent study evaluated two groups of people and evaluated the health of their gums. One group had weight loss surgery, and the other group did not have any weight loss treatment. The group that had weight loss surgery had a bigger improvement in the health of their gums as compared to the group with no weight loss. The researchers think that the possible reason for the healthier gums might be due to the fact that weight loss tends to reduce a person’s insulin dependence, and inflammation throughout the body melts away with the fat. Since gum disease is a condition of inflammation, it makes sense that inflammation of the gums could be reduced with weight loss.

Lap Band surgery is a safe and effective method that can help those who have struggled to lose weight finally begin living a healthier lifestyle. In addition to gum disease, weight loss and bariatric surgery can treat or reduce your risk for developing type-2 diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

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