Limiting Your Food Choices May Help with Weight Loss

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Limiting Your Food Choices May Help with Weight Loss

New research reported from authorities at the University of Florida suggests overeating and obesity may be effectively curtailed if people limit their choices of food. It’s thought that with too many food choices, people respond to it as if it was an addictive drug. If you need to lose weight prior to JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery, such as Lap Band surgery in North Florida, this new research offers promise.

Today’s environment offers individuals the choice of virtually endless varieties of food — quite possibly too many when trying to lose weight. While diversity in food selection provides easier access to nutrients, it also promotes excess food intake possibly leading to obesity and weight loss surgery procedures like Lap Band surgery.

However, this new research revealed that even obese people lost interest in eating, and ate less of foods they were exposed to repeatedly. Known as habituation, this psychological process results in a decreased psychological behavioral response to a stimulus (in this case eating) after repeated exposure to that stimulus over time.

The study, conducted at SUNY in Buffalo, examined obese and non-obese women’s food consumption of a meal consisting of macaroni-and-cheese every day for five weeks. The findings showed that the women that received macaroni-and-cheese every day reduced their food intake, whether obese or not. On the other hand, the group of women who received a larger variety of food choices didn’t decrease their food intake.

Although additional studies are needed to understand limited food choices on weight, including studies on men, the research shows promise that overeating may be pared down by limiting the number of food choices.



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