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Let’s Take This Meeting Outside

Lap Band Exercise Talk and Walk After having Lap Band surgery, it is important to get in exercise every day. The problem is that for many people a busy schedule doesn’t automatically change after bariatric surgery. Getting creative with your workout plans is one way to fit in time for fitness on days that you would otherwise be left without a workout.

So the question is: can you walk and talk?

Walking meetings are becoming a big trend at a number of large companies throughout the U.S. Imagine walking 150 minutes a week while sorting out the details of an upcoming project or brainstorming ideas with a co-worker. This is exactly the initiative behind walking meetings. Instead of gathering in a conference room to sit and snack while you discuss trends or develop ideas, businesses big and small are taking their sneakers to work and sneaking in fitness during an otherwise sedentary workday.

A number of studies have shown that 30 minutes of physical activity every day can cut your risk of developing serious health conditions like heart disease and help with your weight loss efforts. These companies are making it possible for employees to fit in this much activity as part of their work routine by encouraging co-workers to walk with one another as they get work done.

Proponents claim that walking together in one direction, where everyone involved in the meeting is looking forward and keeping up at the same pace is great for group bonding and enhances company productivity. With all of the beautiful walking trails spread throughout Jacksonville, it seems like this would be a good practice for a lot of local companies to pick up as well.

Walking as a Social Event

Even if your boss isn’t thrilled about the idea of taking your next meeting outside, you can fit walking time into your social life by getting involved in a walking club.

The First Coast Trail Forgers Walking Club  is a local group of non-competitive walkers who get together for big walking events where they can walk, talk and burn some calories. This group engages in a sport called Volksmarching. Families, friends and even your pet are all invited out to trails or historic locations to meet up with a large group of other walkers as you walk either five or 10K. But unlike big race events, there is no competition here. It is all about getting to know others in your community while sharing a common interest in a leisurely walk or hike.

The North Florida sunshine makes it a perfect place for taking a stroll, whether you are on the clock or getting ready to make dinner. Whatever your schedule looks like, there is no excuse not to take a quick hike.


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