How To Breathe After Lap Band Surgery

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How To Breathe After Lap Band Surgery

After having lap band surgery, you will need to start an exercise routine to help you lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. Your plan may include aerobic exercise, strength training, stretching, or all three! Whatever type of exercise you do after your lap band surgery, proper breathing will be important. Learn more about how to breath when you workout.

Breathe out during the hard parts. Experts refer to this as “exertion”, but the point is to exhale when you’re doing the most work. This won’t matter when you’re running, but if you’re doing a bicep burl, for example, you ideally want to breathe out when you contract your muscle. However, if you find that this feels completely unnatural, you can also try inhaling during the exertion portion of your exercise and exhaling during the easier parts. More important than when you breathe is the idea that you do, in fact, keep breathing. You never want to hold your breath when you exercise.

When you’re running or doing other cardio, try to create a consistent pattern with your breathing. Breathing in and out at a regular pace will help make sure you get enough oxygen. It may also give you something to focus on besides how far you’ve gone or how sore your legs feel!

Starting an exercise routine after lap band surgery is an important step towards reaching your weight loss goals. Remember that every little bit helps; take a deep breath, and get started!

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