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Fun Fitness Alternatives

After Band Surgery, Keep Fitness Fun with these AlternativesAfter JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery, stay in shape with fun fitness alternatives this summer in Jacksonville

Summer is finally here and it’s heating up in Jacksonville, but for some band surgery patients, workouts might actually be cooling down. Part of maintaining weight loss efforts through physical fitness is making sure to keep your workout routines exciting and engaging. If you feel like your fitness routine is lacking in pleasure this summer, maybe it’s time to check out some of these fun fitness alternatives to help keep you in shape and entertained with physical activity.

Switch up your summer fitness routine with Aqua Zumba

You probably recognize the second half of this alternative fitness routine – Zumba. Zumba is a popular fitness class that incorporates movement, dancing and Latin-inspired music into a fun-filled workout. Aqua Zumba is the same as regular Zumba, but enhanced with the buoyancy benefits of water. During this class, the water provides 12 to 14 times the resistance of exercising on land, making any moves in the water that much more challenging (and calorie-burning!).

The neat thing about exercising in the water is that you are free to dance and move without having to worry about people watching you as your body is hidden beneath the water. There’s no need to feel self-conscious as you move your body to different dance rhythms in the comfort of the refreshing pool. Some exercise movements of Aqua Zumba include kicking, twisting, hamstring curls, clapping and the Zumba shuffle. Aqua Zumba can provide band surgery patients with numerous potential health benefits such as increased lung capacity, increased bone density, faster heart rate recovery and more.

Working out in the water also helps alleviate pressure that other high-intensity workouts like running have on achy joints and bones. Water-aerobics like Aqua Zumba provide the ultimate low-impact exercise to actually help improve weight-related joint pain as it works to strengthen the bones and ligaments without added pressure.

Are you ready to cool off in the sun while getting fit? Check out one of Brooks Family YMCA Aqua Zumba classes off Centurion Parkway North in Jacksonville, Florida. Click here for their up-to-date schedule.

Have some childish fun by getting fit on a Cruiser Scooter this summer

Scooters can provide band surgery patients all of the cardio benefits of most gym equipment with the added perk of exercising outdoors. Adult scooters aren’t anything like the ones you can remember from childhood—they’re basically outdoor ellipticals machines that can actually move. You will feel like a kid again as you pedal along your street soaring past your neighbors and may not even realize you’re working out.

Don’t confine yourself to the gym this summer—head outdoor to enjoy the health benefits of an outdoor cardio machine on wheels. If you’re interested in checking out one of these interesting exercise machines, research online for the WingFlyer Z150 or ElliptiGo 8C. Introducing a scooter to your summer fitness routine is an excellent way to have some childlike fun while staying in shape after band surgery.

These are just two fun fitness alternatives to try if you’re in need of workout boost this summer. Making sure to keep your workouts interesting and engaging will help keep you motivated and on track with your weight loss goals long-term. Make sure you check with your About Dr. Cywes before trying any new physical activities.

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