Failure by Any Other Name: Success.

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Failure by Any Other Name: Success.

Lap Band Turns Failure into Success When asked about his failed attempts at creating a light bulb, Thomas Edison replied “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” This now famous quote is so insightful to the weight loss process. You’ve dieted, you’ve worked out, you’ve tried the latest fads and miracle products—none of them work. That doesn’t mean that you have failed, it means that you have a lot of experience trying things that don’t work, and you can take that experience into your Lap Band surgery and turn your luck around.

When getting a Lap Band, Florida residents are often frustrated or upset with their past attempts at weight loss. A lot of people explain how many times they have failed at becoming healthy, and how they hope the Lap Band will be the difference maker they are expecting it to be. Your Lap Band is only going to make a difference if you are ready to make changes yourself. As long as you hold on to the notions of failure and regret it will be hard for you to climb over those hurdles and reach your goals. To lose weight and become healthier, you need to turn your perspective on failure into another form of success.

The Benefit of Failure

Could you imagine how hard it would be to get used to your Lap Band if you had never tried to lose weight before? Imagine if you never once thought about dieting, you never once contemplated different weight loss tricks and fad diets, and you never once attempted to go out for a walk or exercise more.

The experience that you bring to your Lap Band surgery is invaluable. There is a reason why there are stipulations as to who is eligible for weight loss surgery. One of the key requirements that insurance companies ask for prior to your operation is proof that you have tried losing weight in other ways. This isn’t because the insurance companies necessarily think that you could achieve your weight loss goals by taking a few supplements and following a diet plan.

Trying out other diet plans and failing gives you inimitable insight into what it will take to ultimately be successful with the Lap Band. If you never tried losing weight before then you wouldn’t understand the importance of cutting out unhealthy foods, changing your routine to avoid certain situations and exercising more. You might think that once you have your Lap Band the weight loss process will be effortless, and then wouldn’t you be in for a shock!

Instead of regretting your past mishaps with your weight loss efforts or holding it against yourself that you were unable to lose weight with a certain diet plan, be thankful for the insight that those experiences taught you. Remember that you wouldn’t be you without your past trials and errors, and now that you are turning your health around you are proof that it is possible to turn past failures into success.

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