Carnie Wilson Chooses Gastric Band over Bypass

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Carnie Wilson Chooses Gastric Band over Bypass

For a small percentage of people, a first attempt at weight loss surgery is not enough to keep the weight off long-term. Once you begin to gain weight following any weight loss procedure, whether it is a sleeve gastrectomygastric bypass or Lap Band, it is important to get in touch with your weight loss surgeon to develop new strategies that will help you get back on track towards meeting your weight loss goals.

Singer and reality television star Carnie Wilson recently found herself in this situation. The star underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and lost a great deal of weight, but since that time gained close to 75% of her initial weight back. After giving birth to two children, Wilson found that her health is not where she wanted it to be. With high triglycerides and high blood pressure, Wilson was low on energy and unable to lose any weight. The gastric bypass procedure helped Wilson to lose weight over a decade ago, but it could not help her with her weight loss struggles now.

Wilson chose the Lap Band over Gastric Bypass her second time around.

Unlike the gastric bypass procedure, the Lap Band can be adjusted to offer more assistance with long term weight maintenance and the body’s changing nutrition needs. Women who become pregnant following Lap Band surgery can chose to have the band deflated for the duration of their pregnancy, and then tightened again following the birth of their child. The Lap Band procedure also does not require any permanent changes to be made to the digestive tract, changes that Wilson is still living with after her bypass procedure despite the fact that the weight has returned.

Wilson underwent the Lap Band procedure in January of 2012, and by the end of March she had already lost 30 pounds. Wilson looks at herself as a “work in progress,” and thinks that there are many others in her same situation that would benefit from thinking of themselves that way. If you are unhappy with where your health is, then the Lap Band procedure is one step you can take to change it. Gastric banding revisionary surgery is a good option for those who did regain weight following an initial bariatric procedure.

Wilsons battle with weight loss stands as a good reminder as to the importance of long term maintenance following weight loss surgery. Getting involved in a support group is one way that you can stay on track with your weight loss lifestyle changes long after reaching your final weight loss goal.





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