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Bill: LAP-BAND Success

Bill before and after LAP BAND surgery
I was headed for severe health issues and although I knew it, I just couldn’t stick to any one diet. Just tying my shoe caused me to strain and lose my breath. At work I couldn’t get around well with my knees and feet always causing me pain. Finally, one day I weighed myself on a scale made for equipment and saw my weight at 348 lbs. It was that moment that I made a life-changing decision to do whatever it took to lose weight. With my wife, we engaged as a team into a journey of survival and were introduced to the LapBand. Dr. Cywes is a very caring professional who truly concerns himself with his patients success at becoming healthy. I had a 54′ waist, wearing 3X shirts from the big and tall men’s section. I am now 230 lbs and am down to a 38′ waist. Although the LapBand is only a tool, I now welcome healthy foods. There are not enough words to say how grateful I am to Dr. Cywes and his staff for what I feel is saving my life. I have found a whole new world by having more energy than I ever imagined and being able to move around so freely without any straining.

Thank you thank you for giving me my life!


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