Bariatric Surgery Improves Heart Health in Obese Patients

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Bariatric Surgery Improves Heart Health in Obese Patients

Weight loss surgery is becoming more accepted throughout the medical community. While JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery programs are extremely beneficial, many still find it difficult to lost weight. More people turn toward bariatric surgery with the hope of losing the weight and becoming healthier. Recently, a new study showed that obese patients who suffer from cardiovascular disease and heart failure can truly benefit from bariatric surgery procedures.

The study released at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in November of 2010 shed more light on the benefits of bariatric surgery for heart failure patients over the more accepted route of medical weight loss.

The study data was gathered over a fifteen year period between 1990 and 2005. The study followed thirteen patients who chose bariatric surgery as an option for reducing their weight as well as reducing the risks associated with their heart disease. This group was compared with another group of six heart failure patients who were guided along the non-surgical path and were observed in the Mayo Clinic’s Nutrition program.

Although it was a small group of study participants the data gathered was indicative that a much larger group would show similar results. In patients who went along the weight loss surgery route, the average BMI was reduced from 53 to 37. In comparison, the non-surgical group saw an increase in average BMI from 42 to 45. Researchers also took note that the surgical patients experienced an overall increased quality of life when compared to the non-surgical group, including reduced swelling in the legs and an improved level of labored breathing during exercise.

The benefits seen in patients who had bariatric surgery were significant and the study also points out that the patients saw these benefits even though they were still categorized as obese and had not reached their target weight.

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