Bariatric Surgery Can Reverse Mental Decline

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Bariatric Surgery Can Reverse Mental Decline

Excess weight can have a drastic effect on the body physically, and many people who struggle with obesity are very aware of the different health conditions being overweight put them at risk for. However, many people underestimate the effect obesity has on their mental health. In addition to prompting severe anxiety and depression, obesity can actually cause mental decline. Particularly, obesity can have a negative impact on a person’s cognitive function and memory.

Can losing weight reverse this mental decline?

That is the question a team of researchers recently set out to answer, and their results indicate that patients who undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss experience promising results in memory function a year following their operation.

This study examined the cognitive functioning of 137 patients, 95 of which underwent bariatric surgery. The remaining 42 patients served as controls and did not undergo any sort of intensive weight loss program. Participants in this study underwent either gastric bypass or Lap Band surgery, but researchers believe that the results are significant for bariatric surgery in general and thereby can be extrapolated to include sleeve gastrectomy patients, as well.

Researchers found there were continual gains in mental cognition following bariatric surgery. This is exciting for many bariatric patients who can now look forward to experiencing a cognitive boost as they are losing weight.

While bariatric surgery can help to reverse mental decline and enhance cognitive function, it is always a good idea to take a few steps yourself to ensure that your mind is healthy, much in the same way that you will be focusing on eating healthier and exercising more following bariatric surgery.

Here are a few extra steps you can take to boost your brain power!

  • Meditation has been shown to decrease stress, improve cognitive functioning and even help raise your IQ!
  • Solving puzzles like cross-words or even hand puzzles stimulates neurons and enhances your brains ability to think critically and process information.
  • Draw or paint a picture to stimulate the right-hemisphere of your brain, which inspires creativity.
  • Laughing causes your brain to naturally release endorphins which can help boost focus and strengthen the emotional center of your brain.
  • Exercise is also good for your mental function, in addition to helping you to burn calories. Taking a walk is one simple exercise that can help you de-stress and clear your mind.

Among all of the physical conditions that can develop in connection with obesity, the fear of mental decline can be frightening to many people. Taking steps now can help you to maintain cognitive function as you age.



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