Bariatric Surgery Beneficial For Teens

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Bariatric Surgery Beneficial For Teens

Teenagers who are severely overweight may benefit from weight-loss surgery, according to a study published in the medical journal Pediatric Blood and Cancer. The study was performed by the National Children’s Hospital. Weight-loss surgery causes people to lose large amounts of weight and is appropriate for severely obese people who have had difficulty losing weight through traditional methods of calorie reduction and exercise.

The National Children’s Hospital study analyzed 15 teenagers who underwent bariatric surgery. These children lost about 231 to 396 pounds over two years. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of losing weight, the teenagers also gained considerable health benefits.

Extremely obese teens who undergo weight-loss surgery gain measurable health benefits in addition to losing a significant percentage of their body fat, according to new research from Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The patients’ cardiovascular health improved, along with reductions in the amount of fats in their blood. Also, the patients enjoyed a lower risk of type-2 diabetes.

Many obese teenagers are unhealthy. The extra weight puts a severe strain on their system, causing them to become quite sick. According to studies performed in 2004, almost one child and adolescent in five is considered to be obese. The number of children and adolescents taking medicines for obesity-related diseases has increased over the years, as the rate of obesity increases.

JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery is available for adolescents and adults who have tried other weight-loss programs and failed. Although weight-loss surgery is not the first choice in weight loss, it has been beneficial for many obese patients who have tried everything else.

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