Band Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

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Band Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

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Hi, today I want to show you some resistance band exercises that can be done while sitting down. There’s going to be one for each body part.

I’m going to start, we’re gonna do your back. So we’re going to put one leg out in front, and secure your band under your foot. So if you have to step on it that’s ok. Make sure it’s secure under there so it’s not coming up to hit you in the face. So secure that band under your foot, and we’re really going to drag back your elbows. It’s going to be kind of like a rowing motion. It’s going to target in-between your shoulder muscles. You should feel a squeeze in your back. Make sure your elbows are nice and high. That’s your back.

Now for your biceps. We’re going to turn those palms up keeping the elbows at your side and you’re going to bring your hands up to your shoulders. A nice and slow control. You should feel that in the front part of your arm. Now to do the back of your arm, about the same area. We’re going to grab just away from the middle of the band, and hold that against the same arm that we’re working on. Now really pull here, make sure there isn’t too much slack here so it’s tight when your arm is bent. Keep this elbow at your side, and we’re just going to go back straight. Just here and then back. You should feel this in the back of your arm. Ok you’re going to take that same position, but flip your hands. This is going to do your shoulders. So we’re holding this hand down and this hand up. We’re just pressing straight up. Make sure your arm stays out to the side, not here. Out to the side, just pressing up. Ok.

The next one will be for your chest. Take your resistance band and flip it around your back, and bring the band under your elbows. We’re just going to punch forward. Now if that isn’t enough resistance for you, we’re just going to grab a little bit tighter. And we’re going to do the same, pressing forward. You should feel this across your chest and the back of your arms. Ok, and that’s your chest.

One more for your legs. Take one of the handles, and stick the other one though it. So that you have a loop in the band. You’re going to take that loop and stick it around one of your ankles. Make sure it’s actually up on your ankle, not down around your foot. And then just pull it tight. And on that loose end we’re going to step on it with your other foot. Ok starting with that leg we’re working on bent, we’re going to start with it bent and bring it up straight. You should feel that working across the top of your thigh.

Ok so there’s a resistance band exercise for each body part, all done while sitting down. So you can do this at home, in the office, or wherever you need to do.

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