Approach Bariatric Surgery with a Laugh

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Approach Bariatric Surgery with a Laugh

Approach Bariatric Surgery with a LaughSometimes laughter really is the best medicine. When it comes to improving your attitude as you are losing weight after JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery, laughter can be a huge help.

When you think of something funny, you might not immediately realize the ways that laughing at it is improving your health, but this might be just the case. Laughter is medicine for the mind and body. A deep laugh starts in your stomach and spreads through your abdomen before reaching your cheeks and emerging as a smile. Sharing a laugh with a loved one is a form of bonding that sends hormones rushing through your blood and nervous system, immediately lifting your mood and attitude towards whatever lies in front of you.

Laughter can even help you lose weight, especially after bariatric surgery in Jacksonville.

How Laughter Impacts your Health:

  • Boosts relaxation: Laughter relieves stress and tension from your mind and body, helping you feel relaxed for up to 45 minutes after even a brief, hearty laugh.
  • Strengthens the immune system: After getting bariatric surgery staying healthy needs to be a priority, especially as your body recovers. Laughter can strengthen your immune system by increasing infection-fighting antibodies in the blood.
  • Makes you feel good: Laughter releases endorphins in our blood, which are the body’s feel-good hormones. A sudden rush of endorphins can lift your mood and help you take a more positive approach to life’s obstacles, which is especially helpful as you are losing weight.
  • Improves heart health: Laughter is a form of cardiovascular activity. It improves blood flow and can actually help strengthen the heart, which will improve your endurance when you are exercising later.

Laughter also reduces pain, eases anxiety and enhances relationships by promoting bonding. Losing weight is a stressful process. The dietary changes, exercise requirements and other lifestyle behaviors can severely impact your mood, not to mention your willingness to keep on track with your weight loss program. After getting Lap Band or gastric bypass surgery a good mood and positive outlook are some of your most important weapons in fighting obesity. Try finding reasons to laugh at the small things in life every day. Watch a funny movie or share a joke with a friend to release tension and clear your mind.

Most people may not realize it, but laughing can truly benefit your health. The next time you are feeling down force a laugh and put a smile on your face. While laughing won’t fix all of your problems, it may help you find a better mindset as you search for a solution.

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