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An Office Fit for Lap Band

An Office Fit for Lap BandThink your office is just for work? Think again. By using your time wisely you can fit in a quick workout without stepping out of your cubicle.

One of the changes you need to make after a weight loss surgery like Lap Band in North Florida is to become more active. For many people this means heading to the gym or walking around the neighborhood for at least 30 minutes every day, but can 30 minutes of activity really counteract 23.5 hours of sedentary behavior? To optimize your health and boost your weight loss efforts after getting weight loss surgery in Jacksonville or Valdosta, you need to start incorporating activity into all aspects of your day.

There are plenty of ways to naturally increase your activity level. Deciding to walk the dog instead of letting him or her roam the yard in the morning automatically adds minutes of activity to your day, as does choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator and parking in the back of the parking lot instead of circling around a few times for a premier spot.

But these simple activities are only going to boost your activity level moderately. To really increase your fitness efforts, why not incorporate a moderate lunch time workout routine into your daily schedule?

Here are a few exercises that are workplace friendly and great for those of all activity levels:

  • Marching in place. You can do this while standing right next to your desk. Get the most out of the activity by exaggerating your motions and raising your knees as high as they can go with each step. Add upper body movement to the exercise by grabbing two full water bottles and lifting them over your head as you march.
  • Punch and step. This exercise is great for getting out bursts of aggression at the workplace. To do this make sure you are clear of people and objects. With each punch step forward with the alternate foot. You can get a good rhythm going with this activity and turn it into a strength building and cardio workout at once.
  • Side lunges. Clear a large space by your desk and stand with your hands on your hips. Take one large step to the right and then bend your right knee so it reaches as close to a 90 degree angle as possible, stretching your left leg as you bend. Transition to being straight again and then alternate to the left side, repeating the activity back and forth.

Doing activities like these at work can clear your mind and help you to better concentrate on the task you have at hand, actually boosting your productivity level. Talk to your co-workers about starting a fitness club and do these activities with a group during your lunch hour!

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