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After Band Surgery, Get Walking

After Band Surgery, Try Water and Nordic Walking to Sustain Weight LossTo some people, walking is walking—there’s nothing too special or too exciting about it. However, walking to stay in shape after Lap JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery can be as fun and as beneficial to your health as you make it. Weight loss surgery patients can spice up their walking routine this summer by trying out alternative forms of walking to sustain weight loss long-term. Walking can afford you countless health benefits to keep you healthy, happy and fit after Lap Band surgery.

Here are just a few research-proven benefits that walking can provide:

  • Augments strength, aerobic conditioning and flexibility
  • Decreases risk of heart attack and stroke by helping to lower bad cholesterol levels
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Reduces risk of arthritis, colon cancer and diabetes

Some weight loss surgery patients have trouble engaging in high-intensity workouts like running due to the increase in pressure on already achy joints and bones. However, walking is the perfect low-impact exercise for patients to engage in, especially since it can actually help alleviate pressure on the joints while helping to strengthen bone and connective ligaments.

What’s more, walking is free and you can do it practically anywhere and anytime you’d like. You don’t have to spend money on pricey gym memberships to reap the walking benefits of the treadmill—just take your walking routine to great outdoors. There are plenty of unconventional approaches to walking for you to try that can enhance your health benefits while mixing up your routine after band surgery.

Try some of these alternative approaches to walking to sustain weight loss results.

Water Walking

Living under the hot Florida sun, it’s likely that you’ve recently been in a pool or large body of water. If you have, you’re probably aware that water is quite dense compared to air, making it the perfect place to perform walking exercises. The added resistance that water provides can improve toning and speed up conditioning without increasing impact. When you push and pull your limbs through water it equates to the use of muscle power that’s required for weight training—without the discomfort. When compared to walking on land, walking in water helps you burn more calories and puts even less stress on your joints.

Hop in the pool this summer to cool off and switch up your walking routine. Once you’re waist or chest-high the pool or any large body of water, try stepping one large step forward, backward and to each side while keeping your back straight. You can even enhance your water walking by incorporating hand weights made for the pool to increase resistance and caloric burn.

Don’t forget to wear a hat and put plenty of sunscreen on your face and shoulders to protect you from sun burn.

Nordic Walking

The name alone might make you want to throw on fur boots and climb the nearest hill in Jacksonville if you can find one, but Nordic walking is actually a fun way to switch up your traditional walking routine. This alternative form of walking involves walking with Nordic walking poles that help to absorb shock and improve aerobic exercise. Such poles can be purchased online or possibly at a local fitness retailer.

Nordic walking uses 90 percent of your body’s muscles while also increasing your heart rate–compared to the 70 percent muscle usage that traditional walking provides. What’s more, Nordic walking can help you burn up to 400 calories each hour compared to the 280 calories that normal walking burns.

It may take some practice to perfect your Nordic walking form, but in time you will be able to engage your full body while walking to improve your overall fitness. To learn more about the health benefits of Nordic walking and where to find training, check out the American Nordic Walking Association (ANWA) website.

You don’t have to be an avid swimmer or Swedish mountain climber to enjoy the enhanced health benefits of water and Nordic walking. These two alternative approaches to walking are excellent exercises to stay in shape and sustain weight loss results after band surgery. Make sure to speak with your About Dr. Cywesbefore engaging in any new physical activity.

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