Abandon Gym-Skipping Excuses and Get Moving

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Abandon Gym-Skipping Excuses and Get Moving

After Weight Loss Surgery, Get Moving Following your LAP-BAND surgery, you will need to make several lifestyle changes–such as making an honest effort to exercise on a regular basis. We all lead busy lives, but in order to maintain weight loss long-term we need to finally leave the excuses at the door and find the time to make it to the gym.

Before your bariatric surgery, finding countless excuses to skip the gym was easy to do, but now that you’re on your way to living a healthier and more active lifestyle it’s time to ignore your subconscious and get moving instead.

Here are several ways to safeguard yourself from gym-skipping excuses.

Excuse: But all of my workout gear is dirty…

Nonsense, even if your workout gear is dirty there are other options when it comes to clothes for the gym. Gym clothes really are just brand-specific articles of clothing that may or may not have sweat proof capabilities, but when it comes to working out all that really matters is that you’re comfortable. Throw on a pair of shorts and a loose shirt or sweatshirt regardless of if they were made for exercise and head to the gym. As long as you are able to move freely and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, there is no reason you can’t work out in them.

Excuse: But I am late and don’t have the time…

It’s hard to avoid the unexpected happenings of daily life such as traffic jams and alarm-clock mishaps amongst other distractions, but think ahead and make sure you always have a backup plan. If you are running late for your favorite aerobic dance class, make up your own set of exercises and use them to your own personal music at home. If you accidentally sleep in and don’t have time to work out in the morning, just switch your routine to the evening. Physically scheduling yourself times that you are going to work out as if it was a regular appointment is another way to help you find the time.

Excuse: But I just don’t feel like it…

Finding the motivation to workout is tough, especially if you’ve been out of touch with physical fitness for a while, but this can be easily fixed by finding a workout partner. A workout partner doesn’t necessarily have to be a friend, although that would be an added benefit. A workout partner should be someone who truly wants to work out. A driven workout partner can help motivate you and help you track your weight loss progress.

Excuse: But I can’t find my gym shoes, sweat band, towel, etc…

Some gym goers are guilty of throwing their gear into a generic plastic bag their purse, , but doing so increases your chances of losing track of your gear and leaving something behind. Solve your problem of forgetting workout gear by investing in an actual gym bag. Gym bags are designed with compartments for gym specific items such as your towel, music devices and shoes. These compartments will help you keep track of what is and is not in your gym bag—that way, you never have to use the “I forgot my…” excuse and you can stay on track with weight loss.

Streamlining your life and preparing for workouts ahead of time can help you cut down on the excuses holding you back from your exercise routine. Exercise is essential after weight loss surgery to ensure long term success, so ditch your excuses and use these tips to help better prepare you for daily exercise.


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