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Exercising through the Holidays

The holidays are known to be a time of over-indulgences, which can spell disaster for someone that has recently undergone weight loss surgery. Additionally, if your calendar is filled to the brim, it can be difficult to get to the gym. Most bariatric surgeons recommend that you try to work at least 30 minutes of[...]
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Autumn Weight Gain – How To Stop It Before It Starts

For many people, weight follows a cycle that seems to march in time with the changing weather. As spring comes, we work harder to lose weight in time for summer. As summer ends and the temperatures drop, we find ourselves gaining weight through the fall and winter months. What causes this cold weather weight gain,[...]
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How Can You Avoid Job-Related Weight Gain?

Is your job making you fat? Research shows that people who are stressed at work are more likely to gain weight. Many people cope with stress by overeating, with a tendency to reach for high fat and high sugar snacks. Others may cope with work stress by coming home and spending hours in front of[...]
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Enhance Your Workout

Are you getting the most from your workout? If you're investing the time to exercise regularly, you probably want to get as much benefit as possible from your efforts. Check out these tips for getting more from your workout without spending more time in the gym.
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Focus on flexibility

A well-rounded fitness routine will include some aerobic activity, resistance training, and stretching. While you might already be doing the cardio and strength training, many people underestimate the benefits of stretching. Find out more about what regular stretching can do for you. 4 Reasons to Stretch Stretching can make you more flexible, which can make[...]
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Tips to Be Active at Any Size

Although weight loss experts and health care professionals agree that exercise is an integral part of losing weight, starting a fitness program when you're significantly overweight can be intimidating. You may be worried about what you'll wear, how you'll look or feel, or what kind of physical activity your body is capable of.
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