Obesity Complications

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Obesity a Problem for Getting a Mammogram

New medical studies suggest that obesity in women creates barriers to getting mammograms. In fact, the study that was recently published in the Journal of Women’s Health found that women are less likely to make the effort to get screened if they are obese because the procedure is more painful.
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Self Esteem, Insecurity and Obesity

It is hard to continue to do something when you are always met with failure. This is typically how dieting goes. Starting at birth, everyone is being judged, and the moment we become aware of self esteem, we want to be accepted. Self esteem can also be a real motivator. It can help people achieve[...]
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Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome, which is defined as a cluster of risk factors that increase your likelihood of having serious health conditions, is estimated to affect one in six people. If you have metabolic syndrome, you are more likely to suffer from diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.
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Skin Problems of Obese People

Obesity, which is defined as having an excess of body fat, can cause a number of health complications. The most well-known problems include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. But obesity can also cause serious skin problems. Learn more about the effects of obesity on the skin.
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