Preparing For Lap Band Surgery

Once you’ve been approved for lap band surgery and have begun the process of preparing for surgery, you might feel excited and anxious at the same time. It makes sense to be nervous about the upcoming surgery and the dramatic changes that can occur in your life as a result of significant weight loss. While your doctor has likely given you a list of things to do to prepare physically for surgery, remember to prepare yourself emotionally as well.

Preparing Emotionally For Lap Band Surgery

Make a commitment to yourself.

While others may suggest to you that weight loss surgery is an “easy fix” for obesity, the truth is that you will need to make major changes in your life to be successful after lap band surgery. You’ll be changing the way you eat, adding exercise to your routine and committing to regular appointments with your doctor. The first step is to make a commitment to yourself that you’ll dedicate the time and energy necessary to make these changes last.

Think about yourself.

Planning healthy meals and getting regular exercise takes time, and that may require more time than you’re used to dedicating for your own self-care. You will need to practice making your health and happiness a priority, something that may be completely new to you.

Seek out help.

The people who have the most success after lap band surgery often credit a strong support system for their results. This may include a support group in Jacksonville or Valdosta for weight loss surgery patients, a diet buddy, or a personal trainer. Support systems work, but it’s up to your to build them and use them. Make this a priority before and after surgery and you’ll increase your chances of achieving long-term weight loss success.

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