C-Arm for Lap Band Fills

C-Arm for LAP-BAND FillsThe c-arm device is a fluoroscopy-guided adjustment tool that assists bariatric surgeons during Lap Band fills. The c-arm can provide the surgeon with extra precision, making it possible to introduce earlier restriction, as well as determine a possible cause of reflux, detect complications earlier and assist in the management of pouch dilation.

Lap Band adjustments are an important component of successful weight loss following Lap Band surgery. During a Lap Band adjustment, the size of the stomach is either reduced or expanded by the introduction or removal of a saline solution. The adjustments are performed through a simple port that is placed during the initial Lap Band operation, and only take a few minutes to complete. When the Lap Band has reached its ideal fill, the patient will become full easily and be able to consume a healthy, low calorie diet.

Fluoroscopy-guided band adjustments offer more insight to the Lap Band than a simple adjustment process can do. In addition to finding the optimal fill for you, the c-arm can evaluate the band position and pouch anatomy, as well as examine for any abnormalities that may have developed, such as a hiatal hernia, esophageal dilation or other complications. The c-arm also makes it possible to more easily access difficult ports, making the adjustment process quicker and more comfortable.

The C-arm can provide routine, symptom-driven assessment of the Lap Band, allowing for earlier diagnosis of abnormalities. It also provides a direct visualization of the Lap Band as well as of the stomach, which can help your physician to identify and correct any complications, such as band slippage or erosion.

C-arm for Lap Band adjustments is now available at Jacksonville Weight Loss Center.

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