Weight Loss Surgery Payment Options

You may not realize the costs and expenses of living with obesity. Consider how much you may spend on the following:

  • non-surgical weight loss programs (Weight Watchers® or Jenny Craig®) including prepared meals and supplements
  • out of pocket health care expenses
  • over the counter medication costs
  • co-pays for doctors/specialists visits
  • copays for physical therapists/allied health professionals
  • prescription copays
  • days off from work
  • grocery and dining out costs

These expenses add up and can be quite significant. The cost of lap band surgery should be considered in light of these obesity-related costs. Many of our patients have found that weight loss has greatly reduced these related costs, especially for such items as over the counter medications and other prescription costs. What better return on your investment is there than a marked improvement in your overall health and wellbeing AND a reduction in these regular out of pocket expenses.

The good news is that today many health insurance plans cover the LAP-BAND® or REALIZE band procedure. Our practice is in network with most of the major carriers. Each plan has certain steps and criteria that must be met before you may undergo the procedure. Our staff will be pleased to help you determine the requirements of your plan and whether all or a portion of it will be covered under the plan. You may also wish to consult your benefits booklet to determine if coverage is in place.

If you do not meet the criteria and the insurance company issues a denial or if coverage under the plan is not available, there are several payment options that you may choose to explore. If a lump sum payment is not an option, affordable patient financing may be available.

Our practice participates in CareCredit® Patient Payment Plans. This program offers flexible financing options for bariatric (weight loss) surgery. CareCredit® provides rapid approval notification for full or partial financing of the total cost of the procedure, or the patient portion and or deductible under your insurance plan. Other options include financing packages offered by other lending institutions including your personal bank. Please contact our knowledgeable bariatric coordinator for more information. Call 904-399-4004.

The surgeon’s fee for the procedure is $5000.00 and includes one full year of follow-up unlimited office visits and adjustments as well as access to our weight loss counselor for questions and support.

The facility fee portion varies based on the facility at which the procedure is performed. Please contact our bariatric coordinator to discuss the total costs associated with the procedure.

Apply now or to learn more about CareCredit, please contact us.

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